Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Online Gaming the MMO way

Games like World of Warcraft is what I'm talking about. I have spent many years playing them. I love them. I took a break when I started writing, and now when I want to return to some of them, they ask me questions I could not possibly answer. Like what was the characters name.

I use a different name each time. so i don't remember. I can't believe they do stuff like that. They just lost a customer and they did me a favor. My disdain for them is growing. And my love for writing is growing. I don't like it when big fat cats don't pay attention to the little guy. It pushes my buttons.

I'll show them, I'll just write another chapter in my book. Wouldn't be ironic if the owner of those games bought my book. Instead of me paying them money, now I am receiving it. I love the sound of it.

Well, supper calls.

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