Friday, July 29, 2011

Sold my first ebook!

It's official, I wrote a book and someone bought it. Someone I don't know. Can't begin to tell you what a high this is. Life is good! I set my goal to sell 1 book and I did it. Now the rest will be a bonus. I sold a book. I don't set goals high, it only leads to dissapointment. I usually get great results when I have no expectations or little expectations. I sold a book.
Now if I sell another book, that would send me through the roof with the ultimate high. That would double my goal of 1 book. Did I tell you I sold a book.
If you would like to give me this ultimate high, buy this book.

Time to go to work.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Captain America

I saw Captain America with my grandaughter. We both loved it. I did not know the story of the Captain and was a bit dissapointed with the ending. I guess it's common knowledge, but not to me. It was great action and a good love story in the making. I can't say anymore without telling you the movie.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

My second book has been resubmitted.

I had to take down my 2nd book, "A Home for Gardeth". I allowed 20% of the book to be viewed for free. I also included the first book with it. So when you viewed the 20%, it was the first book and not the second.

I removed the first book from the second book so now you can read 20% of the second book for free.

I am learning as I go along. I got it right now. Please download and enjoy.
Sorry for the screw up.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd ebook published

I just got my second ebook PUBLISHED. It costs a whopping $.99. I included my first book with it. The first book has a good description of the characters and what they can do. This is pretty exciting.

Now comes the fun part. Refreshing the page to see if the sales of my book went up. Virtual ink is expensive. I hope people liked the first book enough to get the second one. I did get great feedback on the first. I wish the feedback was put in reviews. It would help my book do better.

I don't think I will be sleeping tonight. Now that these 2 books are off and running, I can start sending out the first book to more agents so I can get this published in a real book with illustrations and all that good stuff. Although, ebooks seem to be taking this industry by storm, it's nice to have the physical book on your kid's lap.

I will keep you updated. Time to start pacing.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing but Good News

Where to start, first, my free book, Finding Spotalot just reached 100 downloads.

Plus it was approved for Premium status on Smashwords which means it will be sent to the Apple store in a week and Amazon and B&N in 2 weeks.

Now that my first book reached Premium Status, I will release my second book tomorrow. It will be 2 books in 1. I have included the first book with the second. The huge cost will be $.99. I will have a link tomorrow for the new book called "A Home for Gardeth". I had to tweak the bookcover a bit, that's why it's listed here again.

I also saw Harry Potter at the Imax theater and it kicked butt compared to the regular theater. If you going to see it, see it at the Imax. I saw it with my grandaughter Isabella and my daughter Sabrina.

Yes, Life is Good.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Up to 88 downloads on my book.

My goal in 100 before the next book is released. This is so cool. I can't wait till it hits the big guys like Apple, Amazon, B&N. It should be about another week. About the same time my 2nd book will be done editing and ready to upload.

A new Bookcover for my second book. "A Home for Gardeth"

This is exciting for me. I now have a face on my characters. The artist, Katrina Joyner is nothing short of fantastic. The story is about a little boy who is lost, so Sticky and friends help him find his way home. As usual, no event with Sticky goes without additional adventure. I hope to have the book released in a few weeks. Stay tuned.

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Connected with my long lost friend last night.

We talked for a while and I think we covered most of the first year. We only got 24 more to go. Wow, that's a lot of talking. I so look forward to excaping up to Maine to just get away from everything and to see my long lost friend.

We found something we both like. We both like to be hermits or recluses. I am going to plan a winter trip also, she has a snowmobile. I only drove one once and that was in a baseball field. She is telling me that the fields out there go on for miles. Can't wait. Maybe I should go now. I wonder how the snow mobiles work without snow.

Be sure to tune into this exciting soap opera called "Long lost, but not lost long."

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old Friends

Just talked to a friend I have not seen in 25 years. She moved up to Maine and I live in Mass. I believe a road trip is in the cards. She was my neighbor and just like a sister. Sometimes a drinking buddy, sometimes just a great listening buddy. I hope this trip is in the cards, it would be great to see her again.
In my next blog, I will reveal my new book cover for my second book.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Harry Potter Rocks

They definitly went out with a bang. The movie was nothing short of spectacular. Only 1 downside. The movie picked up where the other one left off. They did not tell you anything about the previous half. I highly recommend watching the first half before you see the second half.

I can see more movies coming with little Harry Potter going off to Hogwarts. Has anyone heard anything of more books for the Potter dynasty?

She is such a great writer. I can read her books forever.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nerves of steel, I think not.

I am new to this writing and publishing world, though I am not new to this world, I have 4 grandkids. They tell me that I am just a big old kid.
I tried writing many years ago after reading The Hobbit. (Best Book ever - by the way). I wrote about 3 sentences and it stopped, (shortest story ever- by the way). I could not put my thoughts on paper. Trust me, there are a lot of thoughts in this head.
It was not till recently (3-2011) I decided to take the book I wanted to write and make it a children’s book. Now, all these characters are popping up in my head and I can't type fast enough to keep up with my thoughts.
I know now that I was not meant to write for adults, just kids. Although, many adults who read to their kids are also enjoying my book. In two weeks time, I typed 126 pages of fun. I was laughing most of the time. I could not believe the stuff coming out of me.
I thought to myself, that was not too hard. I like this writing stuff. It’s fun and easy. Little did I know that the first draft is the fun and easy part. After the second draft, I started to realize that it was not so easy. Breaking up my descriptive paragraphs into something that won’t bore the kids was not so easy.
Then I had to add the 4 billion quotation marks. Now came the moment of truth - I sent it to an editor. I found out that I was an adjective junkie. When the editor gave me back my book, it was 6 pages shorter. Mostly adjectives being removed.
In my head, I am still a kid and the word 'really' has to be in every other sentence or you lose their attention. Well, I learned the hard way that you can describe what you want to say without 2 billion really’s in there. The easy is not so easy anymore.
But that wasn’t the end. Now the book is finished, I had it kid tested. I broke the book into a series of books and gave the first book to people in work to read to their little ones. Surprisingly, that was a success. The kids liked it and wanted more. I passed the acid test.
Now that I realize that writing is harder then I first realized, now comes the publishing part. I decided that while I wait for the publishers to make up their mind about taking my book on, I was going to release the first part of the series for free as an eBook. It’s a good way to test the waters, get some feedback.
I went to Smashwords and got it published. I usually have nerves of steel. I found out that when it comes to waiting to see if my book gets downloaded, I don’t have nerves of steel. I was up all night refreshing the page to see if the numbers changed. Not realizing that most normal people were sleeping and not sitting by their computer waiting to download my book.
I crawled into work the next morning and sent out the link to download my book to my friends. Now my nerves of steel were shot. It got so bad, that I started pacing, my stomach was jumping all over the place and I was about to throw-up. I could barely talk to anyone. Walking to my computer to refresh the page some more.
I finally made it through the first 24 hrs and ended up with 34 downloads. I won’t complain about that. Now I realize that the book will not sell itself. I need to use this vast internet to get my books out there.
So, nerves of steel, I think not. But that’s ok. My book is out there, I did not throw up and today is a new day.
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Rene Cournoyer

You can download my book here. There are no illustrations yet. When it gets published by the big boys, it will get illustrated. It is geared towards 5-7 year olds.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Pushing for 70

I am hoping to his 70 downloads with my book tonight. I only need 1 more. Next week is big. If I get accepted into Premium Status with Smashwords, they will send my book to all the giants. Apple, Amazon, Sony. I can't wait. They said 7 to 14 days. Tomorrow is day 8.

This blog has been quiet. I am the only one posting. I thought there would be more posting. I posted to others, but they have not returned the favor. That's ok, it will happen when it's suppose to .

Monday, July 11, 2011


I need work to get out of the way, so I can write. This is the only writing that I will get done today. But I suppose it's better than not writing at all. I came home just plain brain dead. Not creative thoughts happening. I think my brain short circuited.
I guess I'll take the night off and watch a good action or horror movie. I'll save the writing for tomorrow.
I get woken every morning at 3 am with a head full of thoughts, I can never get back to sleep. I have to get the thoughts our on paper. So I type till they empty out. It's usually time to go to work by then. There's that 4 letter dirty word again. W-o-r-k. Always in the way. I love the weekends. I write from 3 am till about 10. I relax with a book and then write again. Somewhere in there I throw some food in the ole tummy. Sometimes I get lucky and can take a nap.
Book downloads are at 57. I have a few things in place that should increase that number. If they succeed, I will share them here.
Till then, goodnight all.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first review.

Life is good. My first review came in. I got 5 out of 5 stars. They joined my mailing list. Wow, I could not of asked for a better response. I did not know the reviewer, which makes it real. If it was a family member, I would still have my doubts. Family is kinder than strangers.

Now I'm pumped, it's 2:30 am. I know I won't be getting back to sleep. I never should of checked my email in the middle of the night. Actually, I was just refreshing my page to see how many downloads, (54), when I thought I would take a quick peek at email.

On a different note, I am still trying to figure out this social networking stuff. I sent out some tweets on twitter, basically just introducing myself as new and I have not got one response back. Weird. I don't know why, but I'll figure it out.


I hate being new to anything. I am trying to figure out Twitter. It seems so simple, but I am so lost. I clicked to follow a publisher. I get an email from them thanking me with a button to click to send a direct message. I do this and introduce myself and it says I can't sent to someone who is not following me. How freeking insane is that.
How do I introduce myself to this publisher on twitter if they are not following me.

On a different subject, I now have 44 downloads on my eBook.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A whole new world out there.

I have never one to be social online or that much offline. Today I had to start opening up to the world of social networking. I signed up for Twitter, facebook, my space.
I hope I don't turn into a communication junkie.
I found some nice tools to make life easier. Tweetdeck will keep track of all of these and more, all in one neat app on your desktop.
Life is good!
I also found twitterfeed which takes what I type here and puts it on twitter and facebook for me.
Life is Good!
My email is increasing. People I don't even know are following me. I think that's the right terminology.
I'm getting there. Pretty soon I will have the lingo down and you won't be able to shut me up.
Well, enjoy your day. I just wanted to share some of these tools.

A new day

I made it through my first day and after a day of pacing and amost throwing up, I am exhausted. I had 34 downloads of Finding Spotalot in the first 24 hours. I will not complain about that. I am not a social networking person, actually, I am brand new to it. So bear with me. I am now learning about tweets, facebook and a few others. I need to get my name and my book out there. Books don't sell themselves.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Ebook Published!!

While waiting to hear from the publishers, I decided to make my book into an ebook. It's a 10 book series, so I made the first one free. It got published last night and can be downloaded at:

This is exciting. Ya, it's only an ebook, but it's published and I wrote it so ya, it's exciting. I even managed to get few hours sleep last night, which suprised me. I sent the link out to my family last night and will send it out at work today. I had 15 downloads before my family got their emails. So ya, this is exciting.

In 2 weeks, it will be sent to Apple, Amazon, and other giants like that. I will make the next book available for $.99. Did I mention that this is exciting.

You can join my mailing list so you can know when the next book is coming out. And still, after 3 paragraphs, it's still exciting.

I orinally sent my book to just one agent, now, I will start a mass distribution to many agents. Yes, I want an agent. They can get to the publishers better than I can. It's worth the 15% to let them do that while I focus on writing.

Time to go to work, I will keep this updated. I would love to hear opinions on the book.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who knew.

I never in a million years figured that writing a book was the easy part. Getting it published is a nightmare. I am just starting as a writer. I do not have anything published yet. I am in the process of making my book into an ebook while I search for publishers. I have sent it out to a few publishers, and nobody sent me a million dollar check, can you believe it....just kidding.

It is more then I expected. I thought writing a book was the hard part. Wow, was I wrong. I am also hoping that as an ebook, I might get noticed. I write children's books. Geared towards 5-7 year old. Once I get my ebook published, I will include a link on my website.

I sent the book out to a bunch of kids and they loved it. It's actually a 10 book series in hardcover when it's published. I had to break it into 10 separate stories for the ebook. Ebook publisher does not like series. I am having the cover designed as I write this. Once that is done, I will submit it to the ebook publisher. I am going to to publish.

I am curious to know how it's going with your book and getting it published?
Oh, I am also brand new to writing and blogging.