Friday, July 22, 2011

Nothing but Good News

Where to start, first, my free book, Finding Spotalot just reached 100 downloads.

Plus it was approved for Premium status on Smashwords which means it will be sent to the Apple store in a week and Amazon and B&N in 2 weeks.

Now that my first book reached Premium Status, I will release my second book tomorrow. It will be 2 books in 1. I have included the first book with the second. The huge cost will be $.99. I will have a link tomorrow for the new book called "A Home for Gardeth". I had to tweak the bookcover a bit, that's why it's listed here again.

I also saw Harry Potter at the Imax theater and it kicked butt compared to the regular theater. If you going to see it, see it at the Imax. I saw it with my grandaughter Isabella and my daughter Sabrina.

Yes, Life is Good.

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