Saturday, July 23, 2011

2nd ebook published

I just got my second ebook PUBLISHED. It costs a whopping $.99. I included my first book with it. The first book has a good description of the characters and what they can do. This is pretty exciting.

Now comes the fun part. Refreshing the page to see if the sales of my book went up. Virtual ink is expensive. I hope people liked the first book enough to get the second one. I did get great feedback on the first. I wish the feedback was put in reviews. It would help my book do better.

I don't think I will be sleeping tonight. Now that these 2 books are off and running, I can start sending out the first book to more agents so I can get this published in a real book with illustrations and all that good stuff. Although, ebooks seem to be taking this industry by storm, it's nice to have the physical book on your kid's lap.

I will keep you updated. Time to start pacing.

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