Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Who knew.

I never in a million years figured that writing a book was the easy part. Getting it published is a nightmare. I am just starting as a writer. I do not have anything published yet. I am in the process of making my book into an ebook while I search for publishers. I have sent it out to a few publishers, and nobody sent me a million dollar check, can you believe it....just kidding.

It is more then I expected. I thought writing a book was the hard part. Wow, was I wrong. I am also hoping that as an ebook, I might get noticed. I write children's books. Geared towards 5-7 year old. Once I get my ebook published, I will include a link on my website.

I sent the book out to a bunch of kids and they loved it. It's actually a 10 book series in hardcover when it's published. I had to break it into 10 separate stories for the ebook. Ebook publisher does not like series. I am having the cover designed as I write this. Once that is done, I will submit it to the ebook publisher. I am going to smashwords.com to publish.

I am curious to know how it's going with your book and getting it published?
Oh, I am also brand new to writing and blogging.

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