Friday, July 8, 2011

Ebook Published!!

While waiting to hear from the publishers, I decided to make my book into an ebook. It's a 10 book series, so I made the first one free. It got published last night and can be downloaded at:

This is exciting. Ya, it's only an ebook, but it's published and I wrote it so ya, it's exciting. I even managed to get few hours sleep last night, which suprised me. I sent the link out to my family last night and will send it out at work today. I had 15 downloads before my family got their emails. So ya, this is exciting.

In 2 weeks, it will be sent to Apple, Amazon, and other giants like that. I will make the next book available for $.99. Did I mention that this is exciting.

You can join my mailing list so you can know when the next book is coming out. And still, after 3 paragraphs, it's still exciting.

I orinally sent my book to just one agent, now, I will start a mass distribution to many agents. Yes, I want an agent. They can get to the publishers better than I can. It's worth the 15% to let them do that while I focus on writing.

Time to go to work, I will keep this updated. I would love to hear opinions on the book.

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