Monday, July 11, 2011


I need work to get out of the way, so I can write. This is the only writing that I will get done today. But I suppose it's better than not writing at all. I came home just plain brain dead. Not creative thoughts happening. I think my brain short circuited.
I guess I'll take the night off and watch a good action or horror movie. I'll save the writing for tomorrow.
I get woken every morning at 3 am with a head full of thoughts, I can never get back to sleep. I have to get the thoughts our on paper. So I type till they empty out. It's usually time to go to work by then. There's that 4 letter dirty word again. W-o-r-k. Always in the way. I love the weekends. I write from 3 am till about 10. I relax with a book and then write again. Somewhere in there I throw some food in the ole tummy. Sometimes I get lucky and can take a nap.
Book downloads are at 57. I have a few things in place that should increase that number. If they succeed, I will share them here.
Till then, goodnight all.

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